Blanca Creamy Coffee Mix Kopiko (10x30g)


Brand:                               Kopiko

Weight:                             300g

Origin:                               Philippines

Expiration Date:              August 14, 2023

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Blanca creamy coffee mix from Kopiko is a ready-to-use instant mix packed in bags of 30 gr. Delicious and easy to make with hot water

Blanca creamy coffee mix

Kopiko is a very well-known brand in Asia, especially in the field of coffee. Of course, most know the kopiko coffee candies or the kopiko cappuccino candies. We now also have bags of instant coffee in our range of a deliciously strong coffee. 1 pack contains 10 sachets that are easy to dissolve in hot water. Keep an eye on! this coffee is a ready-made mix of coffee, sugar and milk. Also try the instant coffee from Nescafe or the indo coffee that we also have in our range.

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